Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cutting Back On YouTube Videos

This Friday is my one year anniversary with YouTube. Actually, I didn't really start posting until late September with original content. A year is a nice marker to reassess what has happened and what I'll be doing.

I'll be cutting back on the number of YouTube videos I'll be doing. The bottom line is that the number of views don't represent but a third of the people subscribed to me. This number hasn't changed. It shows that most of my subs are there not because they enjoy what I do but because someone with more subs has shouted me out and they sub from some sort of obligation. For that I am very appreciative.

But the views for someone with 1,300 subscribers should be 1,300 or above! That's what successful YouTubing looks like.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

OnleLittleTuber Birthday

I am always amazed at the response that the Birthday videos get. There have only been three. The first one being for Barry Aldridge because he is filled to the brim with Awesome, if I may use a Vlogbrothers/nerdfighters term. But for the most part applied to people who are musicians or really into music. The "Beeker" appearances started with Captain Wilhelm's "Take On Me Challenge" video and is a running gag. It is really one of my favorite videos that I've made.

Are they difficult or time consuming to make? No. Making one takes about two to three hours. The most difficult part is the audio. The current one is about 10 tracks. I wish I could play multiple instruments and read sheet music like a bandit, but I can only sing and work out the harmonies for myself. Filming the video parts is easy. All I have to have are enough clean shirts to use on all of the singers. (Please remember that referring to yourself in the "third person" is a form of mental illness.) Editing with Final Cut Express is effortless. Stack the parts and the "non destructive" editing features take over!

I never sing live. It's all lip synced. If you see me wearing headphones, then it's real.

Here's the latest for Criss Crass. He's a multi-talented guy who sings, produces his own videos and has a real intuition for marketing himself. He comes from a performing background and also is into Marshall Arts and his friends. I got to know him when we did a collab on a video together.

Here is Criss' video response!

He's the real singer! It was awesome of him to do that.

Other Birthday Videos:
Barry Aldridge

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Everyone knows John and Hank Green of YouTube. Their yearly "Project For Awesome" brings awareness and money to some fantastic charities on a global scale. Not only are they entertaining but they represent the best of what YouTube can become in its purest form, people coming together to help others.

I was reading comments on my video "Rule of Three" and one appeared from Vlogbrothers.
"I have no idea what just happened...but it was AWESOME"
I freaked out.

So I waited a day, expecting to hear their site had been hacked which was how I got the comment. But, no, it was really the vlogbrothers.

So, I wrote a note thanking them for the comment and rating the videos. John wrote back and said it was Hank who commented but he had just watched a few and subbed because he liked my style and was looking forward to what was next.

It's like life. Everybody begins YouTube with 0 subscribers and 0 videos. The experience is what you make of it. I am most fortunate to have people who view and comment and great lifelong friends I have made all over the country and world. John and Hank continue to show us what can be done if you take it to the next level.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independance Day Gathering

RogueBluejay had his gathering in London this past Saturday. There are a couple of great videos about it. Enjoy!