Monday, September 14, 2009

The Total YouTube Experience

YouTube deserves to make money. I hope they are making money. Their focus is clearly on showing movie and television content and featuring their partners. But an incredible thing has happened. Those that "have" are reaching out to those who "have not." When Youtube stopped "Featuring" regular videos and only paid and professional content, other YouTube partners with some big numbers took over and started doing the same. YouTubers (hehe..that word Tuber again) like Crabstickz, Conawillvlog, Dan2Shambles, Blade376, Barry Aldridge and, most recently, Vlogbrothers have been so kind to promote my channel.

I try to do the same in my own small way with Shoutouts. I think that the "vlogging community" of YouTube will always find ways to help the backbone of the site no mater what corporate Google chooses to do. With the new channel redesign YouTube did listen and respond to requests from the vloggers. They still are today. My experience is just as great as it was when I first joined. In fact, it has gone way beyond my expectations. When you include Twitter, Skype and DailyBooth into the experience you find yourself making real friends.

What is happening is our world is getting smaller and there's no going back. Thankfully!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bill Tv Shirts UK

I am very excited that now offers colour shirts for Bill Tv in the UK.
This means that all my friends can now get the same adult shirts that have been available in the USA. There are still some limitations in that there are no children's or ladies colours yet. I hope that will change soon. And, as with the USA shirts, I make no commission as to keep the costs down for you.
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(note the nifty drop down menu that lets you chose your colour!)
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Epic Skype Call

ACB (AliChrisBill) is one of the YouTube joys of my life. It combines three YouTube Vloggers into one video with no timetable. Better yet, we're now on three different continents. I owe a lot to RougueBluejay (Alasdair or Ali) who has been an internet friend for just about as long as I have been posting new videos. MyNameIsChrisYeah (Chris) and I found each other when he asked to interview me for his first Chinwag feature. Ali commented how great great Chris was to be able to hold your attention for 10 minutes. Chris and I were watching one of Ali's BlogTv broadcasts and we all decided to try a video together.

One of my most asked questions is about how we make them. It's absolutely equal partners. We all edit the videos and most people can't tell who edits what. I love that. We always send to each other more footage than expected. Whatever you need you're always going to get more. We each have different styles and much the same sense of humour. (I use the UK spelling because I'm out numbered.)

It happened one day when I was on Skype call with Chris, JamFozz and WaffleSam. It's the first time I had ever spoken to Chris. We have Jammy (JamFozz) to thank because he saw that Ali was online added him to the chat and called him. The funny thing was it was 6AM in Australia. lol Ali took it well and the conversation became hysterical. I really wished I could have taped it. Needless to say, I hope we'll be doing a live type video sometime.

This is a case where people who share a common sense of humour (out numbered X 2) have found each other. When Ali moved from the UK to Australia he took us with him on his laptop. To me, this is what the internet does and good news for the world. We are all "literally" connected. I have made lifelong friends and laughter is, truly, the best medicine.