Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LOST (The Explanation)

First off, you need to know that I love having subscribers. I don't make videos to get subscribers but it's fantastic to know that people are watching. The next thing is a bit about how I actually recorded the video. This next section will give a bit more detail about how I record and edit these videos.

1. I never try to force one topic to work with another. They are all recorded mostly at different times and at different hours. There have been times when I've recorded two segments in a day, but that was after finding a topic I wanted to use. I say as much as I can think of on a topic and usually only use about 1/4 of it in the end. I'm getting better now that I'm figuring out that most of the videos should clock in at about 2:30 on average.

2. It's all in the editing. It comes together after I load it and start putting it on a timeline. (I use Final Cut Express 4) Each feature is a different clip. I select parts from that feature and start piecing things together. More often than not it surprises even me. Unexpected funny placement of clips and quick edits just seem to come together. For instance, in the Grandma video it was while editing that I decided to let the moans go through the Shoutouts section and to through the final logo drop. I never know until I start piecing things together.

Have I ever gone back and changed something? Yes, but not often.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Joekins89 Video

There is a YouTuber named Joekins89. I love that term, Youtuber. Sounds like a musical instrument. Joe has made a video about me that I think is amazing. It is a very effective visual way to remember the channel name and is very creative. He did both the video editing and created the song. It's posted below. It's difficult for me to put into words how flattered I am that I am even noticed. So, Joe, thanks for this. For those of you that haven't enjoyed it yet, you may view it below. Also, go by Joe's channel and subscribe.

A side note. I really miss Ali on YouTube. I deeply admire what he's doing, but I can't help but hope he's taking notes on events and will comment on them when he returns in June. I'll give you a sneak peek. He's in my April Fools Video coming up in a few days.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crossover BillTvMacon Subscribers

I was having a chat with Sebastian who I've known for about 9 years. As we were speaking of YouTube and videos it hit me. He is one of the folks who got the original Bill Tv videos and now watches the new ones on YouTube. I asked him if he still had his Bill Tv shirt. (I sent one to everyone on the list one year.) He said he did. It made me wonder of how many of the old viewers of the video tape/DVD are now subbed to the channel? I can think of four more right now. The thought put a big smile on my face. I feel kind of silly sitting here typing and grinning.

Friday, March 27, 2009

700 Subs Today

Stephen of 3sixty5days is really the one responsible for this. I did a voiceover for his video and he told his (over 11,000) subscribers to sub to me. The guy is brilliant and a great person as well.

Like me it's short and too the point.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ali And 600

I was pleased to see that Roguebluejay is still watching videos on YouTube. He's more than likely seen his unauthorized appearances on Bill Tv as he spends these days readying himself for exams. I'm really glad to hear he's having some fun.

Also, looks like Englishous (Rhys) is doing the same. He's taking an undisclosed amount of time off. Life happens, folks. Sometimes you have to prioritize, and I'm proud of those who take their future seriously.

Thank you, everyone for 600 subscribers. It's awesome and I'm humbled and grateful.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Copying Video Style

My nephew was asking how it made me feel to have people copy my style? Fist off, I don't consider it mine. Sitcoms have been using three topics for years. But I am very flattered and honored when I can help someone find their voice. Isn't that what Youtube is all about? To me, it's the highest form of flattery.

Interesting to me that the most negative comments from viewers is also about the editing style. I understand that too. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up. So far the positive comments out number the negative, but I'm keeping a close eye on that.

Here's the video where I was honored by people doing the Bill Tv style.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rethinking Shoutouts

When I first began doing Shoutouts they were for people like Jardine 64 (now Roguebluejay) Crabstickz, Delanewazhere, Stewze and others. I enjoyed their videos and thought others might too. These days I am loaded with requests and suggestions to put at the end of each video. To be honest I was considering dropping the Shoutouts at the end. But instead, I'll start selecting each one again.

Many state that they'd like more subscribers. Here's the flaw in the thought. I can draw them to your channel, but your videos have to interest the viewer and motivate them to subscribe.

Here's how I got more subscribers. I became involved in other channels by commenting and rating. You'll need to be positive in your comments and video reply making sure your video relates to the topic. YouTube is all about community. And, don't forget to be yourself. We all love to watch people being who they really are.

Good luck!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RogueBlueJay on Hiatus

There's one thing you want to see happening in your future. You want to move out of your parents house and be on your own. This doesn't happen if you don't have a skill, or an education. Alasdair, my good friend from YouTube, has this well under control. He's taking some time off from YouTube to study for his final exams. He's thinking ahead. Believe me, YouTube will be there when he's ready.

But, what he doesn't know is that I've been planning on reading fake letters from him that have him turning up at all kinds of celebrity events. God bless photoshop. Here is his goodbye video. Don't cry, kiddies, it's only temporary.

I wish I had a shirt for everyone. I literally found it while looking in a closet and knew I was going to send it to him. He was the first to tell me to post original material. Ali is my closest YouTube friend who has always been encouraging me. The man is truly brilliant. His videos inspired me to find my style. But, the most important thing is he tells me what he truly thinks. I know we'll keep in touch and YouTube will be a better place when he returns. But for now, he has important things to do.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Process

I'm always interested in how other people create their videos. My worst enemy is time. Too often I don't take enough time between videos to let the current one "sink in" or be viewed by the most people. The way subscriptions work is the latest video is the one on the subscribers list. So, if a subscriber only checks in every couple of days they could very well miss a video created a day earlier.

You can't force comedy. Most times the best comments are the ones I ad lib. I can find humor in most things so finding material isn't difficult. But, putting it together is. I wonder sometimes if just telling one story would be better. The way the three stories blend is, at times, completely unexpected.

This really isn't a new idea. Television shows often have a plot and two sub plots. Jokes often use the rule of three for setups. My greatest fault is in not telling the setup or premise well enough. I am always amazed at how some people get the idea right away. Thanks so much for the kind and encouraging comments.

Either way, enjoyment and laughter is what I'm after.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back To Posting

I've posted a couple of videos since my rant below about leaving. I was really serious about moving on. Actually, even if I had stopped posting I still would have remained to follow my favorite posters. I did discover Vimeo and MySpace Videos for posting. YouTube still has the people and the traffic.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why I May Be Leaving YouTube

I woke this morning to find that YouTube had disabled the audio on one of my song parody videos. I removed over 65 videos on my own from the old Bill Tv tapes that really did use copyright music. It was my understanding that songs could be used when used in comedy lip syncs, but that may be incorrect.

The claim has been disputed and I'll more than likely go back and delete the song parodies too. Whether I want to continue to draw people to YouTube is a decision I'll have to make. I won't ever get featured (not young, talented or cute enough) or made a partner (even at over 550 subscribers that's nothing by YTube standards) so it may be time to severely limit my participation or go altogether.

My creativity is all about me. I know that sounds selfish. But I truly enjoy making videos. But, this part isn't fun or encouraging.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BillTvMacon HD

Thanks to Final Cut Express, Bill Tv is now in High Def. Back in December, YouTube introduced the idea of posting in widescreen. I resisted for a while and then found a way to fake widescreen.

Today I posted my first HD video by discovering that it is simply uploading a video with screen size of 1280 X 720. This is where YouTube wanted to go with this. Because, now you click on HD and a new view page opens and you get a larger screen. The load time is faster and it is a beautiful picture.

So, even though my face deserves to be seen in the lowest resolution possible, my videos will be High Def. I hope it enhances your viewing pleasure. ALso, I couldn't have been happier to have the first HD as a video to promote Comic Relief in the UK. Yay!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Final Cut Express

My current "Lent" video is the first to be edited on my Mac with Final Cut Express. I still have lots to learn, especially with fonts and titles, but it is a pleasure to use. It's just close enough to Adobe Premiere to be very familiar. A powerful piece of software for the hobbyist.

Thankfully, any roadblock with the software is being helped by the internet and Youtube. I love learning new things. That's how I learned how to matt a green screen graphic. Lots of drop and drag with this program. Thankfully, Roguebluejay has FC Pro and can, hopefully, help.

This video work horse has let me know that I'll be learning for quite a while.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

When Old Is New

Several things are in the works. Most importantly is that Final Cut Express is on its way. That's a big "yay" from E-Bay as it will allow me to edit video much like I did when I was using Adobe Premiere. iMovie 09 is nice for drop and drag features but I really need a traditional timeline.

I also want to start showing some footage from the old (original) Bill Tv. Much of it I removed for copyrighted music. So, now that it's wrong, I have a "cleared for broadcast" production library I can use for that if needed.

Also, some UK footage from my travels there are on the way. And, if you see someone who looks like they might be my son in the videos, that's me. lol