Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1,000 Subscribers

It has been quite a day. I put a new video up this morning and the closer I got to 1,000 the louder the chatter began. It was incredible the way everyone was encouraging others to subscribe. And then it happened. One Thousand subscribers. I actually never saw it. I refreshed and I was on 1,001.

First of all, I feel unworthy of so many viewers. But, I am so grateful for those who have subscribed. Even if you subbed and found later that I was more of an "acquired taste," I'm grateful for that too.

So, it's onward and upward. More videos to come and a real Thank You video on the way.

Monday, May 25, 2009

MyNameIsChrisYeah Reaches 300

Congratulations to MyNameIsChrisYeah for getting 300 subscribers today.
These are incredible gains in a very short time. Chris does many things right. His videos are well thought out and extremely entertaining. His sense of comedy timing is his greatest advantage, not to mention his incredible editing skills. He doesn't take himself seriously and always has a "payoff" for the video.

So, a big "Well Done!" Chris on this occasion. Onward and upward from here.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

DelaneWazHere's BillTv Video

A bit of history. After Alasdair (RogueBlueJay) I found DelaneWazHere and Crabstickz. Yesterday I was on a Skype chat with Delane and he asked for a copy of the end logo on my videos. I didn't really know why but was happy to send it his way.

Moments ago I checked my subscriptions and Delane had posted! Yay! It had been a while because of exams and I was thrilled. But, I read the title. It was about me. (LOL) Uh ooooh!

The video was brilliant as they all are. If anyone deserves 1,000 subs it's him! In fact, I'd like to suggest to YouTube a subscriber transfer addition system whereby I can add my subscribers to him knowing how much they will all love his videos!

Until that happens, you can watch this incredible video below, and more, and subscribe. After exams he'll be back and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Channel Design

I want to go on record as saying that I really don't like the new channel design. No, not at all. It's slow to load and awkward to navigate. But no one asked me...actually they did. Thousands of replies have been made as YouTube has attempted to include the posters in making suggestions on design. So, I've decided to test this new design and see what it looks like. Tinker under the hood and see what it will do. So far, I'm not impressed, but we'll see. YouTube isn't playing here. Everyone is going to have to change to this new design. I just thought I'd get used to it now instead of later.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Emergency Videos Only

It seems my refurbished Mac Mini has bad RAM, a bad connector or both. So it's gone to Fayetteville, GA to get fixed. So, I'm back to my Pentium III 800Mhz PC to make videos for YouTube. I've done two so far. One was a favor and the other was the video for Chris since his battery charger has gone bad on his camcorder. I had forgotten that this PC has a habit of corrupting files if you're working on more than one project.

So my video posting will be limited for now. I hope I'm not out for more than a week. I'm expecting to have it back here by the first dew days of next week. I'll have to wait until the Mac is back home for another Unsuspecting Co-Host to be included. But I am planning to make another video in the next few days.

The one video I'm really looking forward to making is another version of RogueBluejay's "Kidnapped." I thought I'd to the first one straight, but in the next one my reactions will all be funny ones. It's all coming soon.


UPDATE: Turns out it was a bad hard drive in the Mini. Not the RAM at all. It's Memorial Day Weekend (of course) so it'll probably be the end of next week before the Mini gets returned. This has not been the introduction to the "cult-like" product that I had anticipated. It's a great computer, but I expected more than this. Again, this is why I don't play the lottery.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

You've Blocked How Many?

Someone asked me the other day if I had ever blocked any users. The surprising answer is that I have 14 blocked from my channel. I won't get into the details here but there is one blocked user that I call my "Blockage of Mercy."

Mickeleh, who I am sure is a great guy and beloved by many, once posted in my comment section that my videos were so confusing that they were painful to watch. I blocked him. Reason? I do videos for fun and couldn't live with myself if I thought he had suffered any mental or physical damage due to the poor craftsmanship of my videos.

Which brings me to my point. Why would you post anything bad about any one's videos if there is nothing illegal or immoral about them? A person doesn't go to the trouble to post a bad video and YouTube covers so many levels of skill. Some are more adept than others. But, I like to 5* people who I feel are sincerely giving it a great effort and are being themselves. If you don't like their posts, don't watch them.

And, that's why you'll never see any negative post or comment of mine on any video.


I'm not sure how the idea came to me. I had mentioned to Wally (IdiotFest101) that I wanted to feature him, but wasn't sure how to do it. The idea is to draw more people to great YouTube vloggers who deserve to be seen. It is a much more difficult way to make videos since you're using content from others without their expressed consent. LOL Oops...wonder if I should be doing that? hehe I guess that's half the fun. Everyone is surprised!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

YouTube and My Dad

My dad would have been 90 yesterday, May 12. Everyone tells me I'm like my mother and they're right. We have the same disposition, coloring, and general outlook on things. I do have my fathers blue eyes. Dad was the techno geek. He was the first person I know to have an online computer to make insurance quotes from a master database. It used a modem that was a phone cradle. I have both of these briefcase sized interfaces in the basement.

I say this to tell you that his love of technology and things new has always been a part of my genetic makeup. Mom could care less about geeky stuff. But dad and I were all into the things that technology could do to make things easier and bring people together. He would have been all over what I'm doing on YouTube now. He died in 1986 so he never lived to see Bill Tv. He would have loved it, tho. But, when I was building a radio station in my basement in the 60's he was always there to help. Fathers Day in America isn't until June, but I had my own little celebration yesterday.

Monday, May 11, 2009

"Evil Clone" Is A Win!

I just watched a great video featuring three of my favourite YouTubers. (Hehe...I said "Tubers" yet again...don't know why I get such a chuckle out of that...wait where am I?) It has everything you need in a video. It's very entertaining and brilliantly acted and edited. If you're not subscribed to Wally, Chris or Rob, then you're missing out. Enjoy their great work, then rate, comment and subscribe. They are everything that's good about YouTube.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Every Time I Swear I Will....I Don't

I keep thinking about how I'm going to cut down on making videos. Frankly, I post way too many. Recently, within a day of each other, I re-posted an older video followed by a Radio story. I have taped all but one segment for a new video hopefully up the first of the week. (translated...Saturday) It will directly answer Myles' question (Blade376) about my answering yes to the question "Have you ever milked a cow?" Details forthcoming.

Another reason to slow the pace is to allow the subscribers to settle. Thank goodness I've never been featured. I mean that. I saw how tough it was on Conor and it isn't pretty. Too much like radio where everyone shares their opinion whether you want it or not. The difference is that I'm not paid anything to make videos for YouTube and your subscriptions cost nothing...for the moment. hehe
Shhhhhhhhh, Bill! Don't give YouTube any ideas!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm Yours Cover

I was in hysterics watching MyNameIsChrisYeah and his latest video, "I'm Yours." It's not long but is it funny. In case you missed it, then you should subscribe to him and you won't miss any more videos. His expressions at the end are perfect.

Friday, May 1, 2009

ACB Brings New Collab

Something exciting is going on. Every now and then the stars align and things happen.

At first we were going to call it "Vlog Three Days In June." (mouth noise) baaaahhhhhhh

It's a new series with Alisdair (RogueBluejay) Chris (MyNameIsChrisYeah) and Bill (BillTvMacon). We post when we have a topic we want to discuss. We are each on every video so there won't be any punishments and no challenges. That's because the format won't let it happen. The now famous "Sorry this video is crap because I don't have a topic" situation can't happen either.