Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mac Mini

The video, "Hot Pockets" was the first video edited on my new Mac Mini using iMovie. I told Sam Caplat it was like scratching your nose by way of your butt. But, I figured it out enough to make a seamless transition from one to the other. Final Cut Express is in my future. It is more like my former program, Adobe Premiere, used to be. More traditional timelines to give me more control.

I will share that the key part of my videos is actually audio. That was the most difficult part. The picture really isn't as important as what's being said. You'll notice that there's hardly a silent part of the video from start to finish. That being said, that makes a silent pause even more effective.

All I can say is that I am lovin' the Mac. Wished I hadn't waited this long.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just To Let You Know

The most fantastic stories always come out of real life. It is the best entertainment and sometimes the most unbelievable. Youtube continues to amaze me.

First of all, Barry Aldridge is back posting videos and doing Blog Tv again. Fantastic for those fans like me that are glad to have him return. He has been so fantastically kind to me and things I've posted.

I am also amazed at the musical offerings of YouTube. Several finds that I want you shout about. First is Tom Milsom. Hexachordal is huge on Youtube so this is pretty much old news for anyone that's been watching videos for a while. But, if you haven't heard him, you're really missing a treat. His genius lyrics and always catchy tunes just make me feel good. A true artist in so many respects.

The next is Will Williamson, or CaptainWilhelm on YTube. I've always loved Ska and this guy can knock it out. He got me when he included the trombone in the mix one day. Soooo Mighty Mighty Bosstone! Yay! Go check out his channel and music.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

BlogTV Today

Today at 3PM GMT (1500) and 10AM EST I will be on BlogTv.
BillTv's BlogTv Channel
For one hour I'll be interacting with my fellow YouTubers and playing clips from the old radio show. I'm really looking forward to talking with folks who regularly view my YouTube Channel. OK. I'll post back here when it's all over. lol And, it may, indeed, be all over.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Am Overwhelmed

At first that sounds like a personal statement. But if I finish the sentence I mean to say that I am overwhelmed by the talented and thoughtful posters in my group of friends on YouTube. On a daily basis we are in touch all over the world. Throughout the day I watch these creative and expressive people. They make me laugh and sometimes cry. I favorite them all the time and for the very best I download the video on my Nokia internet tablet to have forever.

In a strange way we have created the world we want. People of all kinds of backgrounds, ages and socioeconomic levels are putting personal events and feeling online for the world to see. The community comes through comments and the occasional "get together" through on Blog Tv.