Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun Picture and New Channel

I'm working far ahead on the heels of a busy weekend and Jury Duty next week. I keep videos live much longer than I used to. I just finished editing another one which has an Unsuspecting Co-Host. It should be live by mid week.

Here is a shot of me I took for me for Daily Booth. I'm taping my hosting part of the latest video. The script stand usually isn't there, but with a co-host it's nice to have their words there to reference.
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Another piece of news is...I opened a second YouTube channel. I participated in Chartjackers and didn't want to have the videos on my main channel. BillTvMacon2 (or as I call it, the Blue Channel) will probably feature some short videos relating to videos on the main channel. I'm testing to see if old videos are being deleted from the original Bill Tv video tapes. YouTube has adopted a policy where they put an Amazon/ iTunes banner if copyrighted music is used. I really like this idea.

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Dave Williams said...

Just want to wish you luck with BillTv2. And with regard to your back catalogue, I'd love to see the old BillTv tapes again. I hope you will consider putting up more of the radio stuff too, especially the news footage taken in the studio on your last broadcast.

The other point I'd like to touch on is the apparent change of attitude by YouTube towards use of copyrighted music.

The inclusion of advertising to help placate the music industry is something I welcome. In fact, I've been an advocate of this for a long while. While some might see advertising as an intrusion, we have to accept that you seldom get anything for nothing these days. Speaking for myself, I'd rather put up with advertising, than see my creativity blocked just because I happen to be singing someone elses song. That would seem a much more sensible alternative to what has happened in the past.

Best wishes, and keep up the good work.

Dave Williams / MrNeelix690