Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coffee, Tea and Me

I “double clutch” a mug of coffee every morning. That means I have both hands on the mug softly speaking to it as if I were wooing a new girlfriend. You’ve seen on a recent video that I bough a new coffeemaker. It chugs and spurts giving me at least three full mugs of java. Is this good? According to the postings on the internet it’s like the Russian Roulette of morning drink. Some people metabolize caffeine quickly, while others just take a sip and wait for the heart attack.

Every afternoon I must have my tea. Five trips to the UK and that habit was set permanently in my psyche. I’m like a kid at Christmas making the afternoon pot and adding those two sugars and touch of cream (in my case 2% fat milk) to make it proper. God, this is heaven. My last trip in the UK I was literally stopping and thanking strangers in that country for introducing this into my life.

Someone asked me the other day if I was healthy. I respond the same way to anyone who asks. My last checkup in 1994 I was in perfect health. Yes, when I had surgery three years ago my doctor told me to keep running that I was in great shape. One day I’m going to die of something. When it happens and whatever the circumstances, two things are certain. The Medical Insurance industry will make sure I have no money left so that if I do live through it I will be broke and want to die. And the medical profession will make sure that I understand that everything I do will eventually kill me.

And so, I continue to drink. Cheers!

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