Saturday, July 6, 2013

YouTube Sub Drops

Here are a couple of screenshots of my YouTube channel BillTvMacon indicating the most recent drop in subs. If YouTube was a radio station and I got numbers like this, I'd be working in the mail room.

It's obvious to me that this ship has sailed, the plane has left the airport, the Pope has blessed his last mass, the sheep's wool has made it's last get the point. Thanks to everyone who has been so kind as to join me in this effort to communicate with the outside world. I still do BillElderRadio on Mixcloud and have this nifty blog!

(knock knock on the door) Um, Mr. Elder? You actually think people are reading this? Come with us, sir. We'd like to give you a sedative to help you relax.

1 comment:

Kasper said...

So sad to just now be reading this. Only been watching for several months and been sharing your videos with many a friend. Guess I'll tune in on billelderadio