Friday, November 7, 2008

What Do You Use To Edit?

I am often asked what I used to edit the Vlogs on YouTube. The computer is a Pentium III 800 using a Canopus DV Raptor editing card. The software is Adobe Premiere 5.1. The software on this machine has lots of quirks. Plus, it's no longer supported because Canopus sold out to Grass Valley.

Plus, you wouldn't believe what I have to do to get the video onto YouTube. Here are the steps.

1. Load footage from camcorder.
2. Edit footage. (Because of one of the quirks, I have to delete and download every clip in one step for a vlog or it corrupts other clips. This includes the opening which has to be re-loaded every time.
3. Playback finished vlog and record it on a rewritable +DVD
4. Take DVD and encode it with DVD Fab using the iPod setting.
5. Upload to YouTube.

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