Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Barry Aldridge

There is a popular poster named Barry Aldridge on YouTube. I hope you non-tube types can follow this story. When you post on YouTube people can make word replies or video replies. Video is much more fun. One day Barry, who has way over 2,426 subscribers, was asking for our favorite Walt Disney movie. Great question since every one on earth knows about Uncle Walt. I answered with a video response. You can read about it on his blog here.

I didn't know he had posted my video on his site. So when I saw that I thought there must have been some mistake and posted another reply video. You may read about that here.

I can't say enough about his generosity and kindness toward my posts. I truly do this for fun. It's a nice release for me and I have truly enjoyed my circle of friends who have been connected by our common love of making videos. Be sure to read his blog and watch his videos.

Thank you Barry!

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