Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Better Way To Post

Ten years ago I couldn't have done this. You may have read my earlier post about what it takes to get my vlogs on YouTube. But, thanks to the internet, I now have a better way to get my videos online. Sam Caplat and I were on a chat one morning and I discovered he was a Adobe Premiere editor as well. I was mentioning what I had to do to create a 16:9 video (all the rage these days) and he mentions a converter program to help. I know they existed and he recommended the perfect one. Save the day Sam!

This takes about half an hour off of my editing time and allows me to export from one computer and right on to YouTube. Brilliant stuff! The program I use in named Prism from NCH Software.

Now..what to do with all this extra time!?!

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