Monday, September 14, 2009

The Total YouTube Experience

YouTube deserves to make money. I hope they are making money. Their focus is clearly on showing movie and television content and featuring their partners. But an incredible thing has happened. Those that "have" are reaching out to those who "have not." When Youtube stopped "Featuring" regular videos and only paid and professional content, other YouTube partners with some big numbers took over and started doing the same. YouTubers (hehe..that word Tuber again) like Crabstickz, Conawillvlog, Dan2Shambles, Blade376, Barry Aldridge and, most recently, Vlogbrothers have been so kind to promote my channel.

I try to do the same in my own small way with Shoutouts. I think that the "vlogging community" of YouTube will always find ways to help the backbone of the site no mater what corporate Google chooses to do. With the new channel redesign YouTube did listen and respond to requests from the vloggers. They still are today. My experience is just as great as it was when I first joined. In fact, it has gone way beyond my expectations. When you include Twitter, Skype and DailyBooth into the experience you find yourself making real friends.

What is happening is our world is getting smaller and there's no going back. Thankfully!

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Barry Aldridge said...

Vlogging will always be about on Youtube no matter what.

You are a great vlogger Bill, never change.