Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How I Fake Widescreen

I have been asked how I am able to use a 4:3 camera and old editing equipment to create Widescreen and HD content for YouTube. I'm hoping this will help someone. I think YouTube must have a wide definition of High Quality. If they mean "in focus" then OK.

First, I tape everything in standard 4:3 aspect ratio. I have tape marking my video camera so I can tell what will properly be in the frame. You can see the yellow tape I use in this doctored image.

I use a program named DVDFab to convert the video from the DVD to an ipod format of mp4. Now, I select the video from the menu of the DVD+RW. That's the kind of disc that allows me to erase and use again. I'm just using equipment I have around the house.

You select Advanced Resolution Settings that will allow me to fake widescreen.

Next, I select 672 X 336. This iwas the setting that gives me the closest appearance to widescreen of them all. You'll notice that you see lots of black around the picture. That will go away when you go to the next step.

Move the resize lever from Leterbox to Pan&Scan.

Now, see what's happened! Whatever fills the yellow box is what will be posted. Yes, that's me on the radio in 1988 in the picture behind me. lol

Click start to make the MP4 file. Now I'm done!

Upload the video to YouTube and you're creation is online! I hope this helps someone that lives in a parallel universe with exactly the same screwed up equipment as me.

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