Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bill Tv Stuff

Years ago I had the Bill Tv logo (from the original tapes and DVD's) put on a t-shirt that I gave to all my friends that got the tapes. I still see them around today.

Recently I was asking local printers about making some to sell. There are two web sites with the shirts made in two places. (uk) (usa)
and for more products, there's for stuff. I mean stuff. Seriously, you'd have to be rich or crazy...or both to get some of this stuff.

I made a transparent logo and began setting up a site to offer these to my YouTube viewers. Two of my favorite offerings is the STAFF shirt and Unsuspecting Co-Host shirts. Please know that I will not make a dime from the sale of the shirts. And, I wish I could give one to everyone. I'm not really sure about the quality. I think I'm going to have to order one to wear on camera. This is crazy, isn't it?

The UK also now offers colour shirts! To read about that, go here.

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