Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Less Videos....Really?

Just as I say I'm cutting back several things have come up. I believe that the primary responsibility of active YouTubers (hehe...I typed Tuber again) is to help when asked. A couple of great projects got my attention. I was asked by Myles Dyer (Blade376) to make a 5 minute video for one of the breaks for Stickaid2009 coming up August 15th. That's been done and delivered. Then, Hank Green asked for videos for Global Geek Week. Seemed like a good idea. Criss Crass (OneLittleTuber) had a sensational idea for a series of videos for us to do. And, I still have the Chris Somers (MyNameIsChrisYeah) impersonation video to make.

I'd like to make a YouTube suggestion. If you could make a way for us to post videos to our account that are not sent to our subscribers, that would be very helpful.

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Lamarr Wilson said...

Solution: 2nd channel. Maybe BillTvMacon2. That's primarily why I have my 2nd channel for videos I don't want on my main.