Sunday, April 26, 2009


There have seen so many great YouTube posters of late. I happened on a channel of Mr. Chris Somers, MyNameIsChrisYeah. He is a 15 year old YouTube poster who recently asked if he could do an interview with me. I had been interviewed by Barry Aldridge who is the industry standard for this sort of thing. Barry sent a list of questions in Barry's style which is fun and informational.

What set Chris apart is that he included comedy ideas. I have to add that Chris Somers edited everything. I offered no suggestions or comments. This was, after all, his video. When I read, "hands Bill a piece of toast" he knew I knew exactly what to do. I'm thinking, "this guy is amazing!" Chris also included other things and left me the opportunity to do whatever I wanted at the end, which was to give him back a peanut butter sandwich. Chris even crammed the sandwich in his mouth which was improvisational. This dude is really advanced. Even his reactions to my replies, like almost eating the chocolate treat, were hysterically funny. And, don't miss the smiley face he does at the end.

So I was on a chat with Ali (RogueBluejay) and Chris at the same time. Alasdair thought I had something to do with the comedy bits. When I explained that Chris did it all he was amazed as well. Bottom line is I hooked them up and Ali did a Tweet on Chris' channel to draw more subs.

The idea is that there is so many channels with great videos that deserve so many more subscriptions. The problem is that people don't know about them. I am truly glad that a great guy is getting the recognition he deserves. Well done, Chris! Yeah!


Chris Somers said...

Thank you so much for this Bill! It's so awesome! Really appreciate it! (And thanks for the comment on my Blog) =]

Barry Aldridge said...

I love that interview you did with Chris. Much better than the one we did.