Friday, April 24, 2009

Take On Me Challange

I love the "personal" part of YouTube. I have made many great and talented friends, like Will and Matt.

CaptainWilhelm (Will) is one awesome dude. He's the one who started this whole "Take On Me" Challenge. I invite you to join if you haven't. Also mmmStaley (Matt) did a video response which didn't work as he had hoped because of technical reasons. He is an incredible musician as well.

About my response. I couldn't use the backtrack Will left to be downloaded because the pitch was too high for my Beaker impression. My background includes 12 voices and a 2 liter fizzy drink bottle and a plastic cup of computer screws. Wish I could play guitar worth crap. Anyway, The entire video is lip synced. If you want a copy, there's a remix MP3 of the song.

Thanks for all of the attention the video has gotten. I love YouTube!

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