Monday, April 20, 2009

RADIO Contests

I get more comments from some Radio Vlogs on YouTube than almost anything. Viewers my age remember those days fondly, and younger enjoy the nostalgia. We live in an interesting time when those 12 to 15 love the Eagles, Hendrix and John Lennon as much as me. I love that about the way things are now.

We did lots of television, print and billboard advertising. The two television commercials were both done by companies out of Nashville. "Sister" was filmed at someone's home the studio had rented for the day. I don't remember the name of the guy who played Sister but he knew every script to the Andy Griffith Show by memory. Unreal.

The studio commercials were actually produced and edited by Filmhouse in Nashville, TN and filmed in our Macon television studios. It's a fake radio set. We did 12 commercials in 12 hours that day. I have to bring 6 changes of clothes. Things I didn't know about filming this type of commercial is they also put makeup on your hands.

The one thing people want to know is how did they do the money drop and was it real money. Nope. It was "showbiz" fake money and it was a guy on a ladder above us. There was a Styrofoam cover put over the counter with two holes. One for me and one for Donna. So what looks like money filling the area we're in is just some money covering the counter. The down side to that commercial was that when we'd screw up, they had to pick up money and drop it again. lol

When I finished the shoot, I went home and got ready to go to Atlanta. The indoor soccer team I was helping with had a playoff game at 9:30 that night. That was a long day!

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