Friday, June 12, 2009

Lots To Cover

As of 1AM Friday morning, the USA is all digital TV. Wow. Larry King was being interviewed on the Craig Ferguson"s "Wow It's Really Late, Late, Late After The Letterman Show, Show" when it happened. My friend, Pete Konenkamp's grandfather helped put WMAZ Tv on the air. For the first time that analog transmitter is no longer needed. Funny all of this is going on when these days most young people are getting all of their entertainment from the internet.

Yesterday, President Obama wrote a note for a little girl to miss school. Her father was commenting that his daughter was missing her last day of school to be there. The President responded with, "Oh no, does she need a note?" Obama assured he was not kidding and wrote this note:

To Kennedy's teacher-

Please excuse Kennedy's absence...she's with me.

Barrack Obama


My friend and collab partner, MyNameIsChrisYeah, made, yet, another hysterical video.

And I made this Video Response:

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