Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some Catching Up To Do

Things have been busy around here. AliChrisBill is on hold until 19 June. Not a problem with me except that it makes me officially the dumbest person in the collab. Exams going on now and massive "revising"stalling any new videos. Here's my theory. I like working with people who have full lives outside of the internet. That way you always have experiences and stories that draw people in. Plus, there are no pressures to have a video every week. That's why it's important to subscribe.

The first video we posted on BillTvMacon went beyond our expectations. It had 597 views on my channel and 119 on the new AliChrisBill site. You can view it below. Plus, this effort is a collaboration in every sense of the word. We all share the responsibility of posting responses and handling site maintenance.

The channel has already received some honors.
#76 - Most Subscribed (This Week)
#8 - Most Subscribed (This Week) - Comedians
#83 - Most Subscribed (This Month) - Comedians
and then:
#79 - Most Subscribed (This Month) - Comedians

Thank you from all of us!

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