Monday, December 1, 2008

YouTube Widescreen Pressure

Peer Pressure is a terrible thing. YouTube has just added widescreen players for their viewers. I have the oldest editing equipment available to produce the offerings on BillTvMacon. In the middle of December I'll be going the best of my ability. If things start looking really bad, I'll reserve the right to go back. lol

Here's how I'll do it, just so you'll know it's nothing legitimate like having a good new camera or "real" editing system. The camera shots will be in 4:3 but I'll zoom back to allow for the aspect ratio. The graphics will be adjusted for that, too. It will be edited in 4:3 like it is now. However, the encoding is where the widescreen happens. I'm using DVD Fab and forcing the encode to be 640 X 360. Wish me luck. Maybe I should say, "I wish YOU luck!"

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