Friday, December 5, 2008


Alasdair is a friend who is a big hit on YouTube. He is RogueBlueJay and has done a very kind thing for me. By mentioning me on his popular Vlog, my subscribers went up, yet again. I'll state that however many subscribers I have won't change what I post or how. He and I had a good conversation about this today. I do my vlogs like I did the radio show. If it entertains me or if I think it's funny then that's what I do. Ali agreed. Unless it's a collab, you're pretty much in it alone.

What impresses me are people like Alasdair who have so much natural ability and great things to say. YouTube is a good thing because it gives any individual who wants one a voice. Oh, and be watching for his video on Democracy. Probably in a week or so.

Thanks to Alasdair for risking his good reputation to help a friend.

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