Wednesday, May 13, 2009

YouTube and My Dad

My dad would have been 90 yesterday, May 12. Everyone tells me I'm like my mother and they're right. We have the same disposition, coloring, and general outlook on things. I do have my fathers blue eyes. Dad was the techno geek. He was the first person I know to have an online computer to make insurance quotes from a master database. It used a modem that was a phone cradle. I have both of these briefcase sized interfaces in the basement.

I say this to tell you that his love of technology and things new has always been a part of my genetic makeup. Mom could care less about geeky stuff. But dad and I were all into the things that technology could do to make things easier and bring people together. He would have been all over what I'm doing on YouTube now. He died in 1986 so he never lived to see Bill Tv. He would have loved it, tho. But, when I was building a radio station in my basement in the 60's he was always there to help. Fathers Day in America isn't until June, but I had my own little celebration yesterday.

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