Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Emergency Videos Only

It seems my refurbished Mac Mini has bad RAM, a bad connector or both. So it's gone to Fayetteville, GA to get fixed. So, I'm back to my Pentium III 800Mhz PC to make videos for YouTube. I've done two so far. One was a favor and the other was the video for Chris since his battery charger has gone bad on his camcorder. I had forgotten that this PC has a habit of corrupting files if you're working on more than one project.

So my video posting will be limited for now. I hope I'm not out for more than a week. I'm expecting to have it back here by the first dew days of next week. I'll have to wait until the Mac is back home for another Unsuspecting Co-Host to be included. But I am planning to make another video in the next few days.

The one video I'm really looking forward to making is another version of RogueBluejay's "Kidnapped." I thought I'd to the first one straight, but in the next one my reactions will all be funny ones. It's all coming soon.


UPDATE: Turns out it was a bad hard drive in the Mini. Not the RAM at all. It's Memorial Day Weekend (of course) so it'll probably be the end of next week before the Mini gets returned. This has not been the introduction to the "cult-like" product that I had anticipated. It's a great computer, but I expected more than this. Again, this is why I don't play the lottery.

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