Friday, May 8, 2009

Every Time I Swear I Will....I Don't

I keep thinking about how I'm going to cut down on making videos. Frankly, I post way too many. Recently, within a day of each other, I re-posted an older video followed by a Radio story. I have taped all but one segment for a new video hopefully up the first of the week. (translated...Saturday) It will directly answer Myles' question (Blade376) about my answering yes to the question "Have you ever milked a cow?" Details forthcoming.

Another reason to slow the pace is to allow the subscribers to settle. Thank goodness I've never been featured. I mean that. I saw how tough it was on Conor and it isn't pretty. Too much like radio where everyone shares their opinion whether you want it or not. The difference is that I'm not paid anything to make videos for YouTube and your subscriptions cost nothing...for the moment. hehe
Shhhhhhhhh, Bill! Don't give YouTube any ideas!

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