Sunday, May 24, 2009

DelaneWazHere's BillTv Video

A bit of history. After Alasdair (RogueBlueJay) I found DelaneWazHere and Crabstickz. Yesterday I was on a Skype chat with Delane and he asked for a copy of the end logo on my videos. I didn't really know why but was happy to send it his way.

Moments ago I checked my subscriptions and Delane had posted! Yay! It had been a while because of exams and I was thrilled. But, I read the title. It was about me. (LOL) Uh ooooh!

The video was brilliant as they all are. If anyone deserves 1,000 subs it's him! In fact, I'd like to suggest to YouTube a subscriber transfer addition system whereby I can add my subscribers to him knowing how much they will all love his videos!

Until that happens, you can watch this incredible video below, and more, and subscribe. After exams he'll be back and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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