Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LOST (The Explanation)

First off, you need to know that I love having subscribers. I don't make videos to get subscribers but it's fantastic to know that people are watching. The next thing is a bit about how I actually recorded the video. This next section will give a bit more detail about how I record and edit these videos.

1. I never try to force one topic to work with another. They are all recorded mostly at different times and at different hours. There have been times when I've recorded two segments in a day, but that was after finding a topic I wanted to use. I say as much as I can think of on a topic and usually only use about 1/4 of it in the end. I'm getting better now that I'm figuring out that most of the videos should clock in at about 2:30 on average.

2. It's all in the editing. It comes together after I load it and start putting it on a timeline. (I use Final Cut Express 4) Each feature is a different clip. I select parts from that feature and start piecing things together. More often than not it surprises even me. Unexpected funny placement of clips and quick edits just seem to come together. For instance, in the Grandma video it was while editing that I decided to let the moans go through the Shoutouts section and to through the final logo drop. I never know until I start piecing things together.

Have I ever gone back and changed something? Yes, but not often.

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