Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Process

I'm always interested in how other people create their videos. My worst enemy is time. Too often I don't take enough time between videos to let the current one "sink in" or be viewed by the most people. The way subscriptions work is the latest video is the one on the subscribers list. So, if a subscriber only checks in every couple of days they could very well miss a video created a day earlier.

You can't force comedy. Most times the best comments are the ones I ad lib. I can find humor in most things so finding material isn't difficult. But, putting it together is. I wonder sometimes if just telling one story would be better. The way the three stories blend is, at times, completely unexpected.

This really isn't a new idea. Television shows often have a plot and two sub plots. Jokes often use the rule of three for setups. My greatest fault is in not telling the setup or premise well enough. I am always amazed at how some people get the idea right away. Thanks so much for the kind and encouraging comments.

Either way, enjoyment and laughter is what I'm after.

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